28 Jan 2011

Brazilian Pamonha

Pamonha from Brazil
You never know what type of culinary deliciousness you'll get when you stop at a Brazilian highway station. In my case I was fortunate to get to know Pamonha. It is sweet corn cooked in it's own leaf. Simialr to the Mexican Tamales but sweet. I understood that it can also be served as a salty version. 
Great snack on the road.

25 Jan 2011

Copacabana Fruit Salad

Copacabana here we come !
This is a fruit salad based on one very typical Brazilian fruit. It called Mamao. An oversized Papaya actually. Of course, it always tastes better if you are actually sitting on the beach of Copacabana. It is a very tasty fruit plate. Enjoy.

9 Jan 2011

Sliced bread pizza

similar to brochiuto.
cut bread in sliced.
put them on a baking tray

prepare sauce
put some cheese on top and herbs


Tomato, lettuce, olive salad


Farofa Burger

Self made Burger.
Pig meat and farofa.
some salt and pepper, chopped oninons. ready.